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Ep.20: The Turkey Doc. Dr, Michael Chamberlain – Ryan Furrer


Ep.20:The Turkey Doc. Dr, Michael Chamberlain

From Ryan – “With this episode of the Ryan Furrer Podcast I was joined by Thee Turkey Doctor- Dr, Michael Chamberlain.
Wow! Michael has dedicated his life to wild turkey research, research that has helped state agencies keep a huntable population in their states since the re-introduction days for hunters to enjoy.

The amount of information Michael and his students (past and present) have about the wild turkey is literally mind blowing. We honestly barely scratched the surface. So that’s why I persuaded Michael to come back on to bring more “turkey talk” in the next few weeks.

From peak gobbling times, to brood laying, predators, turkey survival rates, DNA testing, incubation periods etc, the list goes on, we talked about it.

I cant stress enough the amount of info Michael is armed with when it comes to wild turkeys, and the fact that at the end of the day he’s like most others, just a “down to earth” solid, good guy, that likes to hunt turkeys.

So please- sit back and listen to the show, it’s a good one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I.”

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