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How COVID-19 May Affect Our Wild Turkeys – The Turkey Hunter Podcast


How COVID-19 May Affect Our Wild Turkeys

How COVID-19 May Affect Our Wild Turkeys

This week, Cameron and I have Drs. Bret Collier and Mike Chamberlain on the show to talk about the possible impact of COVID-19 on our wild turkey population across the country.

Hunter numbers and wild turkey harvest numbers are increasing dramatically as millions of Americans are sheltering at home. Will this increase in hunting pressure and harvest of wild turkeys have a negative affect on wild turkey populations for years to come?

What effect will shutting down license sales to out of staters have on turkey populations in those states?

Will our public hunting ground pay the biggest price for COVID-19 government mandated shelter at home orders?

Listen in as Mike and Bret discuss these topics and many others with us this week!

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