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Turkey Management – Land & Legacy


Turkey Management

From Land & Legacy – “As we promised, we were going to bring on the expert turkey biologists during our Turkey Management Podcast Series. This guest has been researching and following turkeys for over 25 years professionally. Please welcome, Dr. Mike Chamberlin to the podcast this week where he brings his professional research expertise to the topic of habitat management specifically for wild turkeys. 

With all of the knowledge and data points collected on this fascinating wild bird, we find that Dr. Chamberin’s biggest suggestions revolving around thinning the timber, prescribed fire, discing, and old field management, and removal of non-native invasive species. This should be reassuring to our listeners who are implementing this same exact practice. These sound techniques yield results, it’s not opinion, but fact. There must be something to these practices if a top research biologist who knows wild turkeys inside and out are promoting the exact same practices that we promote weekly.  Follow along as you will find out more about wild turkey behavior and movements across the landscape than ever before. 

If you want to hear one of the greatest minds in understanding turkey management, then follow along with this podcast. Share it with a buddy who is struggling to manage turkeys consistently on their property.” 

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