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Turkey Talk with Mike – The Garden State Outdoorsmen Podcast



From The Garden State Outdoorsman – “When childhood fascination grows into a lifetime of expertise, you get someone like Michael Chamberlain. Join us as Michael, from the University of Georgia, sits down with us to weave tales of his evolution from a suburban Virginia kid to a turkey hunting aficionado and wildlife management expert. His vibrant stories bridge the gap between the rush of the hunt and the meticulous science that supports it, offering a deeper appreciation for these magnificent birds and the ecosystems they inhabit.

Venturing into the thicket of hunting regulations and the art of land stewardship, we tackle pressing matters such as non-resident hunting pressures, the decline of trapping, and its ripple effects on predator and turkey populations. It’s not all numbers and statistics, though; our discussion also gets personal as we recount the hunts that have left an indelible mark on us, and share insights on how state agencies juggle the often conflicting interests of conservation and hunter satisfaction. It’s a candid look at the hurdles and triumphs in the hunt for balance within wildlife management politics.

Lastly, we turn the lens on ourselves as hunters, doling out advice for newcomers to the turkey hunting scene. Learning from the ground up, we emphasize the importance of understanding turkey biology, seeking mentorship, and developing a stewardship over the land. This episode isn’t just about recounting adventures and analyzing trends; it’s about fostering a community of outdoorsmen and women who are as passionate about conservation as they are about the thrill of the hunt. So, whether you’re an expert tracker or just starting to tread the trails, this conversation is sure to enrich your next foray into the wild.”

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