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Wild Turkey GPS Movement Studies | Fact vs Fiction – The Southern Outdoorsmen Ep. 225


Ep. 225 - TURKEY GPS MOVEMENT STUDIES, Turkey Fact vs Fiction

Dr. Chamberlain has over 20 years of experience with studying turkeys and much of that time has been spend using GPS technology to track their movements and study their behaviors. This give us a glimpse into some questions that have vexed turkey hunters for decades including, how far do turkeys travel in a day, do they roost in the same spot every night, how big are their home ranges, how do they avoid hunting pressure once season starts, how often turkeys get VERY close to hunters without the hunter ever knowing it, what turkeys like to do midday, and SO much more! We also dive into issues facing the wild turkey and discuss season and bag limit changes, the possible impacts of COVID on turkeys, and high intensity large scale fires in the nesting season.

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